World Festival of Magic:

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The Lions Club of Ballina has promoted & hosted the World Festival of Magic annually since 2002. Currently it is usually held at the same venue early in November.

Commonly called the Magic Show it consists of an international troupe of professional magicians and comedians who perform magic and comedy at the Lismore Workers Club to the delight of the hundreds of spectators invited to attend.

In the order of 400 plus disadvantaged & disabled children including those with special needs, together with their carers and families as well as aged care citizens and their carers attend the show in the Auditorium of the Lismore City Hall.

The performance lasts 90 minutes. The excitement and noise generated by them is enormous and infectious as they wonder and marvel at the spectacle before them.  It is truly wonderful to see the joy they have watching and getting involved in the show.

There is no charge for all those who attend.  
Why?  Because we contact the business houses south of the Tweed to Evans Head to ask for sponsorship.

For a cost of $60 a child is sponsored.  Small shops choose to sponsor 1 or 2 tickets; many business houses sponsor 5 to 10 tickets & occasionally even more. We truly thank them for their support to make this show possible.

Our major costs are the magicians & the cost of calling the businesses in the Northern Rivers Region. Fortunately, there is no charge for the auditorium at the Lismore Workers Club. We sincerely thank the management & staff at the Lismore Workers Club for their assistance.

On show day our Lions Club members attend, to usher & ensure all goes well.  

After that we have time to reflect, have a drink & enjoy a relaxing meal in the club.

It is a great magical experience & everyone wins:
  • Tax deductions are applicable to those business houses that sponsor tickets.
  • The kids, aged citizens and their carers really enjoy a great show.  In most cases parents couldn’t afford to take their family to see a professional show equal to our show.
  • Profit from the show allows the Ballina Lions Club to assist the needy in our community especially the youth. In particular we donate a portion of the net proceeds to the Lions Northern NSW Community Trust to benefit regional Health projects.

The Ballina Lions team at a World Festival of Magic show.