Youth of the Year Quest:


The Lions Youth of the Year Quest is designed to encourage, foster and develop leadership in conjunction with other citizenship qualities in our youth, at the age when they are about to enter the fields of employment or higher education, and provides students with the incentive to pay greater attention to the general qualities, so vital in developing our youths into first class citizens. The qualities sought; apart from academic attainments are those of leadership, personality, sportsmanship, public speaking and good citizenship.

The students, drawn from Years 11 and 12, meet in fellowship and have the opportunity of open discussion, exchange of ideas and meet professional people of a community service Club organisation.

Ballina Lions conducted its first Youth of the Year Quest in 1969. It has supported the project continuously since that time giving in excess of 200 students the opportunity to gain experience and go onto higher levels.

At that time there was only one secondary school in Ballina, Ballina High School. This school has always been supportive of this project. Later three further high schools opened, Southern Cross K-12, Emmanuel Anglican College and Xavier Catholic College. With the formation of Ballina East and Lennox Head Lions Clubs, Ballina Lions Club assisted them to join the project and the three clubs now draw contestants from the four schools, sharing the contestants between them. The 2010 year saw a record number of students taking part in the Quest, each club being allocated eight contestants.

Winners of the Ballina Lions Club Youth of the Year Quest since 1990:

Year Overall Winner                                          Public Speaking Winner

2010 Tiare Broadhead Ballina High

2009 Ianna Murray Ballina High                        Emma Barnett Xavier Catholic

2008 Joshua Pearce Emmanuel Anglican          Rachel Foley Ballina High

2007 Tim Green Ballina High                             Matin Dean Ballina High

2006 Craig Somerville Ballina High

2005 Craig Somerville Ballina High

2004 Sally Hunt Ballina High

2003 Tegan Van Nispen Ballina High                 Jonathan Russell Emmanuel

2002 Luke Halverson St Johnís College

2001 Shelley Bambrook Ballina High                  Jacqui Hunt Ballina High

Mark Engel Southern Cross

2000 Emily Ryan Southern Cross

1999 Heidi Gleeson (also State Finalist) Ballina High

1998 Heidi Gleeson Ballina High

1997 Jesse Gleeson (also State Finalist) Ballina High

1996 Anna Bilston (also District Finalist) Ballina High


1994 Calen Cullinane St Johnís College

1993 Kellie Wiggens Ballina High

1992 Andrew Wheaton (also District Finalist) St Johnís College

1991 Lisa McCoy Ballina High

1990 Alex Cowdery St Johnís College