Fun-Run-Walk: 2014

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Congratulations to the winners and placegetters on a great day enjoyed by all!
Results for the 2014 Fun Run Walk:

                    10 km run Male                           Time

1st              Joel Morgan                               34.36

2nd             Trevor Wallansteen                     35.40

3rd             Andrew Crowhurst                     

                    10km run Female      

1st              Caroline Bailey                           41.40

2nd             Jo McLaughlin                                                   

3rd             Pauline Butler                                                    

                    5km Run Male                                                  

1st              Joseph Morgan                                                 

2nd             Zac Nolan                                                           

3rd             Steven Shaw                                                      

                    5km Run Female                                              

1st              Carol Brisbane                                                   

2nd             Cheryl Massey                                                   

3rd             Jessica Raguse                                                   

                    Under 17 Male                                                 

1st              Ben Hawkes                                                       

2nd             Blake Penhey                                                     

3rd             Isaac Thomas                                                     

                    Under 17 Female                                             

1st              Sarah Herrington                                              

2nd             Kari Massey                                                       

3rd             Emily Cook                                                         

                    Under 12 Male                                                 

1st              Merrick Giles                                                     

2nd             Jo Manning                                                        

3rd             Cadyn Wallend                                                  

                    Under 12 Female                                             

1st              Rose Brisbane                                                    

2nd             Ally Brisbane                                                     

3rd             Olivia Rosenbaun                                              

                    Over 50 Run Male                                            

1st              Michael Douglas                                               

2nd             Shane Flannery                                                 

3rd             Richard White                                                   

                    Over 50 Run Female                                        

1st              Leonie Pedrazzni                                               

2nd             Elaine Morgan

3rd  Susan Rayner